Japan Car Direct made the import process very straight forward. Initially I was led to believe that the import of a vehicle was very long winded and not for the faint hearted but the guys at JCD made it smooth sailing all the way to the port in England! I really enjoyed the whole process and would like to do it again at some point! Every moment was exciting be it looking for cars on the market, getting inspections done, and obviously down to delivery of my fresh JDM car. These guys sourced me my dream car… When the car arrived it was exactly the same as the description, although it can sometimes feel like a gamble starting the import process these guys do everything in their power to insure you get the right vehicle for the right price.Now I am driving around in my Nissan r32 GTR sourced straight from Japan and loving it!!! The worst part for the import process for me was waiting on delivery of the vehicle and for the registration to arrive, but that’s something you have to just contain your excitement with!

I would definitely recommend JCD for importing cars and I’m pretty sure I will be doing it again! The guys are very professional, the fees are very fair and they do their best to find your dream car at the right price!!!!!

Rhys Botterill, Nissan r32 GTR, United Kingdom

I can’t recommend Scott at Japan Car Direct enough.

I had always wanted to import a car from Japan for many years but was a little worried about the whole process. With the help of Scott (who basically does everything for you) I have imported my first car without any problems and I am very happy. I was on a very tight budget for my first import and the car is in excellent condition inside and out thanks to Scott checking the details and having an inspection done, this is very informative and ensures you know exactly what you are buying which can be the most worrying part. From start to finish Scott kept in contact, updating me at every point and ensured I got the exact car that I was looking for, You couldn’t ask for more and I look forward to working with JCD again.

Thanks again



Hi Scott,

Everything went great with the car, short of a couple things that should be replaced the car is in excellent condition. Thank you again for all your help during the process! I will definitely recommend your services and hopefully be contacting you in the future regarding more cars! Thanks again.


Alec (Canadian Customer)

Well my friends, thanks to you two wonderful gents I now have a fantastic ride! (it definitely draws some fun looks!) I must say, when you said pocket rocket, you were right! This thing wants to move! I keep being surprised at just how much pull it puts out for such a tiny package! The sound of the engine is a beautiful purr, which such a vibrant interior! And the steering is so very responsive, it really is like driving a go kart! This truly is a driver’s car. I attached some photos, an man am I in love with this car. It is way more fun than I anticipated! There’s only a few things through I think need to be taken care of : 1- the speed limit warning needs to go, ha. Speed limits in America are a lot higher than 85kph! Any hints on where to find the buzzer? 2- tires, the tread is fine, but I think they’re a bit old and probably should be replaced. I’ve found one site that sells them online, but I was curious if you were more in tune with where I should be looking? 3- spare parts, is there a good website / method of getting spare parts (used or new) even if it’s in Japanese it’s a great head start.

Once again, thanks for all the help, and this is an awesome one of a kind car!

American Customer – Jim

Dear Scott,

Hope you are doing well. Just to inform that I received the Toyota RAUM in good condition…..no going to the garage to fix minor dents as other people here do! I like it and enjoy driving it! I appreciate the excellent service I received from you and Mel right from choosing the car at the auction, shipping and delivery to Nairobi. It was a seamless process. Now just waiting to get my logbook.

I have the confidence to recommend friends to japan car direct.
Thanks so much,

Denis, Nairobi, Kenya


We received our car yesterday and it is a BEAUTY. Our car is in a lot better condition than we thought and it even has a new car smell. Thank you again for your assistance and we will definitely recommend Japan Car Direct to our friends.
Kind Regards,

Quincy (Cayman Islands)